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Baby Foot Easy Pack Set of 3

Remove cornea on your feet gently, painlessly and very effectively with the Baby Foot Easy Pack. The effect is based on 17 different natural ingredients and is already effective after application. Within a few days you will experience a baby-soft skin feeling on your feet.

Benefit from this special offer with this 3 piece pack. Never again excessive cornea and rough skin.

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Additional information


3 pair of Baby Foot Easy Pack socks for 3 applications


One size for men and women (33-45)


Looking after health and wellbeing of your feet

The special formula for Baby Foot Easy Pack is based on 17 natural extracts, which work reciprocally to strengthen your intensive foot care. The positive effect is immense: The dead skin cells can be removed easily, while simultaneously improving your skin’s firmness and balance of moisture. This all leads to better health and wellbeing of your feet.

The main active substances of Baby Foot Easy Pack are fruit acid, including glycolic acid from sugarcane, in addition to malic and citric acid from citrus fruits. All of them have more of an assisting function in bacterial removal as well as inflammation and psoriasis treatment. What’s more, their antitranspirant effect will help to keep your feet fresh and odourless.

Baby Foot Easy Pack is effective, easy to use and ensures the best results in only 2-7 days. Your skin will regenerate naturally, making feet smooth and baby soft.

It's that easy!

Step 1

Wash your feet. If you wear foot jewellery, pull it off. Now, put on your Baby Foot Easy Pack socks on both feet. The adhesive strips are to fasten to the feet.


Step 2

Keep your Baby Foot Easy Pack socks for one hour to let absorb all active ingredients.


Step 3

After one hour of application take off your Baby Foot Easy Pack socks. Finish your care with cleaning using a mild soap and water.



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