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Foot care

Who doesn't dream about having gentle baby-soft feet?

The well-being and care of the feet is important, because they carry our whole body or our whole weight!

We wear stockings or uncomfortable shoes, walk many hours on our feet or exercise intensively and as a result, we put a lot of strain on our feet. In contrast to other body zones, the skin on the feet is considerably thicker and frequently exposed to pressure, friction and weight load, which is why the skin on our feet tends to build layers of dead skin cells.

What happens during the formation of dead skin cells?

Normally, the skin forms new cells that push the old cells outward, where they are naturally exfoliated. This cell cycle lasts for 28 days. If, however, the feet are exposed to excessive stress from outside, then the layers of dead skin cells become too thick on some places of the foot and can not be renewed in their own way. This results in the accumulation of dead cells, and the skin of the foot sole becomes thick, dry, cracked and irregular, but also discolored and full of small irregularities. The growth of these layers can also lead to an increased occurrence of foot odor or problems of microcirculation, which are often the reason for “cold feet”.


How can we effectively remove dead skin cells from our feet?

It is common practice to “rub” the cornea with a file or a pumice stone, but this requires a lot of time and effort and also involves the risk of injuring the foot. In addition, these rubbing methods stimulate the skin’s defense process, which immediately begins to build up dead skin cells again.

The ideal solution for exfoliation without files, cutters and without pain is to us the product Baby Foot Easy Pack with 17 natural extracts.