Application Baby Foot Products

Application Baby Foot Easy Pack - 3 simple steps

Baby Foot Easy Pack has been specifically designed to remove dead skin cells and hard feet skin quickly. It is effective, effortless and easy to use.

Step 1

Wash your feet. If you wear foot jewellery, pull it off. Now, put on your Baby Foot Easy Pack socks on both feet. The adhesive strips are to fasten to the feet.


Step 2


Keep your Baby Foot Easy Pack socks for one hour to let absorb all active ingredients.

Step 3

After one hour of application take off your Baby Foot Easy Pack socks. Finish your care with cleaning using a mild soap and water.


Application Baby Foot Extra Rich

Apply daily the Baby Foot Cream Rich on the dry areas of your skin and massage gently.

The effect occurs quickly, so you have already after the first day of use a noticeably softer and smoother skin.