Soft and smooth feet with Baby Foot Easy Pack


With 17 different natural extracts


So simple and so many benefits!

• easy handling
• little effort
• gentle treatment
• with 17 natural extracts
• effective treatment
• baby-soft feet
• antitranspirant effect
• immediately applicable

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2 to 7 days are enough to remove dead skin from your feet. Depending on the strength of cornification, the removal process may last up to 2 weeks.

The effect: Your skin will regenerate naturally, making feet smooth and baby soft.

Looking after health and wellbeing of your feet

Baby Foot Easy Pack has been present on the market for 15 years now, belonging to one of the best-selling foot care products worldwide.

The special formula for Baby Foot Easy Pack is based on 17 natural extracts, which work reciprocally to strengthen your intensive foot care. The positive effect is immense: The dead skin cells can be removed easily, while simultaneously improving your skin’s firmness and balance of moisture. This all leads to better health and wellbeing of your feet.

The main active substances of Baby Foot Easy Pack are fruit acid, including glycolic acid from sugarcane, in addition to malic and citric acid from citrus fruits. All of them have more of an assisting function in bacterial removal as well as inflammation and psoriasis treatment. What’s more, their antitranspirant effect will help to keep your feet fresh and odourless.

Baby Foot Easy Pack is effective, easy to use and ensures the best results in only 2-7 days. Your skin will regenerate naturally, making feet smooth and baby soft.



Baby Foot Cream Extra Rich makes dry and chapped skin soft and smooth again within a few days. At the same time, it is pleasantly relaxing and vitalizing for your strained feet.

Baby Foot Cream Extra Rich is VEGAN Thanks to its active substances – shea butter, olive oil, elderflower and vitamin E – your feet will feel the difference for a long time.

When used on a regular basis, it will significantly reduce a build-up of hard skin on your feet. The cream is rapidly absorbed without leaving a greasy residue.

Feel the change; inspirit your feet with Baby Foot Cream Extra Rich.

Baby Foot Global

Has already been able
to help many feet
More than 50 million
Over 10,000
media reports
Over 100 won

The feet are an essential part of our body, a true masterpiece of the nature. Sadly, we neglect them all too often, forgetting that regular foot care is critical to our health and beauty. Who wants to suffer from dry and chapped skin in the heel of the foot? Who wants to experience pressure marks or calluses, leaving behind an uncomfortable feeling? The answer is simple. We all want to look good and wear open shoes, uncovering our neat and tidy feet.

Are you completely stressed out before your time-consuming daily foot care, which does not show any expected effect? We have a solution: Baby Foot Easy Pack! It’s the best remedy for making your feet smooth and baby soft again. All what you need is to apply Baby Foot Easy Pack once to see its effects for several months. It’s so simple!

There are already millions of happy users worldwide who value these innovative exfoliating socks. The constantly growing interest in Baby Foot has revolutionised the present foot care. It is applied by everyone regardless of gender or social background. Bloggers, celebrities, office workers, and housewives love Baby Foot Easy Pack. Men and women appreciate it to the same extent. Test it for yourself!

Baby Foot – for your smooth and baby soft feet.